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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2 in

11 reviews for Larue Tactical MBT-2S

  1. Thomas Shaw (verified owner)

    Great, clean crisp trigger as usual. Very prompt with shipping even during the holiday.

  2. nathaniel.haggard (verified owner)

    Great trigger at a great price. I replaced the mushy mil-spec trigger in my DDm4v7. It was my first trigger swap, and it instantly tightened my groups. It’s a night and day difference. I ran roughly 600 rounds through the rifle the day after installation. No malfunctions.

    It arrived to my door in under 5 days. Took 30 minutes to install after watching a video. Definitely recommend.

  3. Maxwell Greggo (verified owner)

    For the money it’s the best trigger you can buy. Some people say it’s as good as triggers twice as expensive.

    Buying it here is like getting the bulk discount from LaRue, and the shipping is just ridiculous quick.

  4. mikerisher (verified owner)

    Got the trigger promptly, and Chris was in touch every step of the way. Great trigger.

    I also got a custom upper receiver from Chris and the transaction went smoothly. Overall, am happy to do business with him again.

  5. Michael Deng (verified owner)

    Amazing trigger, I only had a couple rounds through it but I could definitely tell the difference between this and the mil-spec trigger that came with my zion 15. Would recommend

  6. Yong Min (verified owner)

    Good trigger, good seller. I got mine last week. Highly recommend getting from these guys!

  7. Johnny Fan (verified owner)

    The service and delivery was excellent. The trigger itself is also very good. Compared to other triggers, the G2S and SSA, the MBT2S is a excellent budget option.

    The MBT2S comes with two springs (default is the 4 lb spring). I find the heavier 6lb spring more suited for my applications. Compared to the other two similar tiered triggers, the MBT2S has a wider trigger shoe that some might not like. It’s definitely noticeable and perhaps not as suited for precision shooting as opposed to the other two. However, the LaRue has a more defined “wall” or take up and a clean break. The G2S has the mushiest/gritty take up. The SSA has the best reset. I would definitely say, at the price point that the MBT2S competes in, it’s hard to not want it on ever AR platform you have. You’ll never want to go back to a mil-spec trigger again.

  8. Jonathan White (verified owner)

    Definitely the best AR upgrade for the price! Great pull with a crisp break. Amazing seller with incredibly fast shipping, I plan on ordering more for each of my rifles.

  9. Yosh (verified owner)

    Damn it! This trigger makes me wanna pull out all of my MilSpec triggers and upgrade them to MBTs. Purchased on 1/4/2022, shipped same day, and received on 1/7/2022. Outstanding service!

  10. Dave Zahorsky (verified owner)

    What can I say, Chris was incredibly fast in shipping my LaRue trigger and email updates were plentiful. Shipment came well packaged. Let’s just hope this trigger performs half as well as Chris does. Keep doing what you’re doing Chris, the 2A community needs more independent stores like yours!

  11. cmtasca (verified owner)

    I received and installed my LaRue MBT-2S in my Colt M4 yesterday, and I couldn’t be more pleased!
    After extensive research I chose the LaRue MBT-2S trigger. From my perspective, this trigger is perfect for me. The take-up is just long enough; the wall is very well defined, and the break is smooth, crisp and predictable.
    The difference between the LaRue trigger and my stock M4 trigger is truly remarkable. For an all-purpose AR type rifle, this is the trigger to get. It’s safe and dependable.
    As a point of reference, in my 41 year LE career, I had the opportunity to fire multiple weapons, including select-fire M16s. You learn to shoot what you have, but not one M16 had a trigger as nice as the LaRue MBT-2S. Having one now, I can think of no reason why this trigger wouldn’t be acceptable for LE purposes.

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